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Healthy Activities for the Whole Family

Healthy Activities for the Whole Family

During the week when everyone in the family has their own schedule and commitments, it can be difficult to get the whole family together.

Though any time spent together is meaningful, those moments can be few and far between on weekdays. The weekend becomes the time that everyone can enjoy each other’s company. Weekends can be used to partake in fun family activities that also promote health and fitness. Especially when the weather is nice, getting outside and being active as a family can be a great bonding experience as well as an opportunity to instill healthy habits in your children.

Healthy activities range depending on where your family lives, but different options are available depending on what you are interested in and capable of. Some of these options include:

  • Grow a garden: Going hand-in-hand with promoting healthy eating, having a garden shows children how food is grown and where it is coming from. It makes them more excited to eat healthy food as well as more appreciative of the hard work that goes into food production. Though having a garden might be difficult if you live an apartment, there are often public community gardens that you can have a portion of.
  • Scavenger hunt: Place different clues in different locations around your neighborhood, or even your house, to start your kids on an exciting adventure around the local places they know well. This is a great activity for a nice day, and encourages physical activity while being fun!
  • Neighborhood game: Depending on where your family lives, organize a game with the families that live around you. This encourages physical engagement and is also a great social activity for your kids.
  • Family walks: The important part of family togetherness is being able to catch up with each other. Family walks can provide this opportunity. Though walks are a physical activity, they can also be leisurely and a great time for families to connect.
  • Freeze dance: On rainy days or during the long, cold winter it can be hard to avoid lounging on the couch for extended periods of time. A fun and active way to get away from watching television or playing video games is to enjoy a game of freeze dance. This can be fun for family members of all ages. You can even personalize it by letting each member pick a different song.
  • Raking leaves: This one is seasonal, but there are many different productive activities that families can perform together year round. Raking leaves is particularly enjoyable because of the fun of jumping into a pile after the hard work is done.
  • Day trips: If you do some research, you can find plenty of fun options around where you live for family activities. Sometimes the biggest challenge can be actually getting out of your house on the weekend, but once you do, you will not regret it!

When your kids are growing up, it is important to have as much family time as possible. When that family time is spent healthily, it models desired behavior and also gets the whole family involved with good habits.

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